Landscaper is a tool for procedural placement of foliage on a terrain or any other surface in Unity.

Landscaper simulates foliage growth by planting an initial set of foliage instances, which then spawn children of their own, allowing forested areas to expand in a more natural fashion.

Multiple, fully configurable species can be used together to create a convincing natural landscape of foliage, without having to place thousands of objects by hand.

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Can Landscaper be used to place other objects, not just trees?

Landscaper will place any prefab that you give it; it can be used to place not only trees, but bushes, rocks, and any other object you can think of. Make sure to check the “Can Grow in Shade?” box for anything that’s not a tree though!

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Does it work for runtime use?

Yes, you can use Landscaper to generate foliage at runtime. Bear in mind that foliage placement can take a while if the foliage is particularly dense or is generated over a large area.

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Does Landscaper work with any type of prefab?

Yes, any prefab should work with Landscaper. However, “Tree Creator” trees placed using the “Terrain Tree” PlacementMode appear black and do not have a random rotation applied.

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