Astray release date, and what’s happening post-release

As of about an hour ago, Astray has been released as “coming soon” on Steam, with a release date set for 3rd February 2015. The game will be available for £6.99 ($9.99 USD).

With this announcement comes an updated release trailer and a brand-new gameplay trailer.


Post-Release Plan

With that out of the way, I’d like to talk about what we’re planning for after the game is released, starting with the VR situation.


Virtual Reality

Back in October, we tweeted saying that it looked like Astray would have full VR support at launch, but unfortunately that won’t be the case due to Unreal Engine not duplicating the UI in stereo mode yet. Astray can still be played with the Oculus Rift; most of the VR-specific functionality is in-place, but the menus and HUD (including in-game notes) don’t work in stereo mode and thus are impossible to read. Playing Astray with the Rift right now means missing out on the story and having to mentally track battery usage.


We do still want to release Astray in multiple languages and will likely be rolling out some language packs in the coming months. Currently, the languages we’re likely to localize to include:

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Russian

Other Platforms

At the moment, Astray only has a Windows build. Since neither of us have any real experience with operating systems outside of windows (and since this is our first major release), we decided to stick to the one platform for launch. We’ll be working on other platforms including Linux and possible console release – hopefully shortly after our Windows release on Steam.

Trave re-submitted to Steam Greenlight

So, we’ve returned from an extended vacation in purgatory. Much longer than we had anticipated, but we’re finally back.

We’re re-submitting Trave to Steam Greenlight. Trave got a huge spike in the percentage of ‘Yes’ votes it got after the graphics overall we did before release. Unfortunately, it was after the initial flood of visitors to our Greenlight page and we weren’t able to capitalise on it. We’re a lot more confident that we’ll get through the Greenlight process this time. At least we’ve learned something for our next project: graphics may not be everything, but good graphics make a bigger difference in how appealing a game is than people might be willing to admit.


So please, consider voting for Trave on Steam Greenlight, it’ll really help us out. Thanks!